Reasons Why Your Organic Search Results Don’t Correlate With The Check Results

Let’s pretend that you’ve decided to check your website positions. First of all, you’ve checked your positions manually, then you’ve checked your organic search results through the SERP checker. After that, you’ve found that your organic search results don’t correlate with the SERP checker results.  

Why Is This Happening?


This is a common problem arising from the misinterpretation of the organic queries. The main reason for that is a personalized search tailored specifically to an individual's interests by incorporating information about the individual beyond the specific query provided.

All searches on various search engines are associated with a browser cookie record. Then, when a user performs a search, the search results are not only based on the relevance of each web page to the search term, but also on which websites the user (or someone else using the same browser) visited through previous search results. This provides a more personalized experience that can increase the relevance of the search results for the particular user. 

There are 50+ factors (called 'signals' by Google) used to determine search results. The top factors in personalizing search results are:

  • Location

  • Search History

  • Web History

  • Social Networks

Each of these variables will factor into the personalization of a user's search results in hopes of quickly providing the most relevant results to the user to answer whatever question is being asked.

Impact on Search Results 

Additionally to personalized search results, there are a few other factors that have an impact on search results:

  1. Geographical location (similar search queries may vary in different cities, regions or districts).

  2. Language (if you’d prefer your search on German, then you’d probably get more German websites for your search query).

  3. Search History.

  4. Web History (visited resources and websites).

  5. Other factors.

How Can You Check Your Website Positions Properly?

For this reason, we recommend you to use any web-browsers like Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox in incognito mode.

Despite this, the most accurate results you can get using the automatic SERP checkers like SPYSERP.  

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